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Froum Rules Empty Froum Rules

on Sun May 12, 2019 10:41 am
"Share & collaborate for a growing community

In order to maintain a forum that is fun, healthy, and united, please agree to abide by the following rules while writing articles:

1- Spam is strictly prohibited

1a- Write the correct topic, if not correct it will be deleted without notice

2- Do not write articles that violate Vietnamese traditions, customs, and culture (eg, stigmatizing, slander, debauchery, using vulgar words)

3- DO NOT write articles with content that is offensive, encouraging, or disrespectful to other members. All manifestations of disrespect, disrespect, and encouragement, and loss of unity are not accepted.

4- DO NOT write with content related to Security - Politics - Military

5- DO NOT write articles with content that violates the law or instruct others to violate the law (for example, instructions for vandalism, theft, hackers, crackers, mail bombs, copyright infringement and intellectual property. ..)

6- Do NOT post with content that is fake, threatening, or attacking others.

7- DO NOT post with mass content, make no sense, write the right topic

8- DO NOT give information with content that affects general activity.

Violating articles are not meaningful, those who are responsible can be reviewed and removed from the forum.
When submitting a post to the forum, you agree to allow us to use your articles for general purposes, promote and promote the forum's influence.
The articles you post on the forum, if it is taken from other sources, by others, you need to specify the source and author of the article, as well as respect the work of the writer.

* Notification and censorship:
- Members with names containing invalid information may be considered for removal.
- Members who take actions that adversely affect the forum may be reviewed and removed.

- Posts that do not match the content or rules of the forum can be deleted without notice.

Any member who violates the rules will be dealt with"
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